We deliver everyday. But it’s better to order a day before delivery. Same day delivery has to be made earlier in the day and payment confirmed.

Yes we do . But you will pay for express delivery charge.

Our delivery starts at 12pm. Delivery is between that 12pm till 6pm daily. The time it gets to a customer depends on the proximity of that customer to our factory in Isheri Magodo, Berger.

Usually, a kg of any protein should be between 7-8 pieces good cut sizes. If we recut, it’ll be more.

Ponmo = 6-8 pcs
Torso = 7_9pcs
Turkey = 7-8 pcs
Saki = Chuck sizes
Goat meat = 7-9pcs
Fillet = uncut
Plain beef = 7-10pcs
Fish = Varies
Chicken laps = 7-9pcs
Cow leg=7-9pcs
Topside = 7-9pcs
Assorted= chunk
Chicken wings = 8-10pcs
Lean beef = 10-12pcs
Chicken drumsticks = 7-10pcs.

Chicken (Minced), Chicken breast, Tenderloin beef, Minced beef.

The Softest part of the cow is Tenderloin.

All these beefs do not come with skin.
plain beef has little bones and some fat tissues, boneless beef has no bone, but may come with some fat tissues. While lean beef is plain beef with no bone no fat… Best for people on diet.

Both are from the lap side, but Tenderloin is more tender than topside.

We are opened from 9am till 6pm daily except Sundays

This is cow beef that comes with cow skin. In our own case, we mix both with skin and without. It’s more of the processing. The processing makes it taste better.

Fuku(lungs),liver,kidney (not always),heart,saki, roundabout,(cow reed)

Imported Turkey comes as wing. Can be mid-wing or full wing. While Nigerian consist of different turkey parts.

Full wings Turkey consist of the whole arm while the mid-wings has the drummer and wing tip cut off.

Topside (boneless Beef) and torso beef.

Tenderloin (if not yet packed).

We advise they get cut sizes of 10pieces per kg. It has always work for them.

Yes. Have a chat with our customer care

Hump popularly known as “Torso” of the cow.